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When will I get paid?

Contracted staff members are paid on the 15th AND the last day of every month. (Exception: December payment will be the 15th and the last day before winter recess)

I don’t want to do direct deposit; can I get a paycheck instead?

Direct deposit is MANDATORY for all employees. If you wish to view your paystub/W-2 please log into the payroll portal.

How come after the first few paychecks I receive a different amount?

Due to the registration process of the State of New Jersey pension fund, your pension deduction does not go into effect immediately. Therefore, you will owe money to your pension fund resulting in double pension contributions until the back pension contributions are satisfied. Once your back deductions have been fulfilled, your paycheck will commence with the normal pension amount. Please be prepared for this deduction and set money aside.

Does the district automatically enroll me in health benefits?

No. It is your responsibility to complete the health benefits forms so you can elect the plan that best fits your needs.

Where do I enroll for benefits?

You can locate all enrollment forms on the page you are looking to enroll in. Please print all forms and send them either via interoffice mail to Amnah Abuawad at the Business Office or scan and send via email to benefits@ewrsd.k12.nj.us.

What if I do not need health insurance because I am covered under someone else?

The East Windsor Regional School District offers a waiver payout for those who do NOT elect our insurance. Please be sure to fill out and sign the waiver form and attach a copy of your medical and dental insurance cards. You may choose to do a partial waiver as well. Please note the waiver payout is taxable.

What is a flexible spending account?

This is an optional account that you contribute to for either medical cost and/or child care services. The minimum amount required to enroll is $400.00 and the maximum is $2,400.00. Please be aware that these funds become available to you on a calendar year basis NOT academic year.

Where do I file a claim?

Contact your insurance provider for any and all claims.

Why enroll in a disability program?

The district does not offer state disability. The business office highly recommends all staff members to enroll in disability program.

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